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Miri One Inc.

Miri One Inc.



What if you could pay your bills from just sharing your life knowledge or upgrade your equipment from a backyard concert. No likes or subscribes required. Just do your thing live and in real time and the money comes? What else could you possibly want after that? How about owning part of the company that gives you that? Okay, that’s enough. Yeah, NO ….. read on and stay in touch, Miri One Inc. gets better every day. Our goal is to feed artist and turn everday life into art one step at a time.

Our Story


Our goals, our future, our past,



Investing in Miri One Inc,

Business Planning


Crunching the numbers, what we are doing to make this work.




Have you ever looked at something and thought “That just doesn’t seem right” but you could never put your finger on how to correct it or even what about it wasn’t right? So did I and then I put 17 years into figuring out what was wrong and how to fix it. Now we can all make it right.

Thorough Planning

Planning is the key to success and we got a lot of planning in the works..

Solution Testing

Our testing is done on a personal level as well as a social level. While labs have their place when you are dealing with a worldwide social society, the whole universe is your lab.

Analysis & Design

Putting together heart, desire and knowledge with everything we do is the key to the best analytics. That’s where we excel over the rest.

Detailed Reporting

You will find the company reporting here to be fully detailed.




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Nelia Nelson




Get to know Miri One Inc. Invest into our equity shares, stay on top of the company news, enroll to provide live entertainment on the public page. Get your friends and your whole family enrolled to provide live entertainment on the public page. Then realize how great and easy it is to get paid just to be yourself with out needing subscribers and likes and doing tons of marketing for someone else.




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Get in Touch


P.O. Box 1566, Port Richey, Fl. 34673


Email: MOI@Miri.One


Phone: (727) 282-4226

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